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As you are probably aware, Dynamics CRM is undergoing some changes and one of them is a new name, Dynamics 365. My blog posts this month will focus on some of the functionality updates available in v8.2 and our next meetup will review them in more detail. Be sure to sign up and join us!

Another cool, new feature is that you can group by fields directly from a view within CRM. You don’t have to create a report or export to Excel to group the data. In the customizations area, click on the name of the entity then open the Controls tab.


Then add a control and choose Editable Grid.


Finally, choose which devices you want to be able to use the editable grid control. Save and publish your changes.


Navigate to the entity and you will now see a box where you can specify how to group the records in the view. The options will be limited to the fields seen in the view. For example, if you want to group by State or Province you will need to add this field to the view first.