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Gene Marks

At The Marks Group, our specialty is sales and marketing technologies. We help the sales, marketing and service teams at our more than 600 active clients grow their revenues, improve their productivity and increase their profits. 

What sets us apart:  We are certified in, and know the technologies well…but we are not geeks. We are people. And our primary focus is your people. Your end users. We train. We develop processes. We create manuals. We hold hands. We answer questions. We make sure no one is spinning wheels. Our objective is getting the most productivity possible from the software and tools we recommend.

And here’s what we recommend.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM). We are end-user experts in the latest and best CRM tools. Currently we sell and/or implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM,, GoldMine, ZohoCRM, Nimble and ACT! We have clients across all industries and of all sizes. That’s because any organization, profit or non-profit, service or manufacturing, big or small has the same issues: making sure that anyone who “touches” them is never forgotten. That means no one falls through the cracks, tasks are remembered and information across the team about prospects, customers, partners and suppliers are shared so that no one’s out in the cold. Our clients use their CRM databases for targeted marketing campaigns, sales forecasting and advanced contact management.

Sales and Marketing Apps. In addition to our CRM offerings, we recommend and implement add-on applications that further help our clients drive revenues. This includes social media touch-points, email marketing services, quoting applications, alerting software and other tools and technologies that we feel are the best in breed, integrate seamlessly and work well.

Cloud Accounting. Besides sales and marketing, the Marks Group has a team of CPAs and accounting professionals who specialize in the latest cloud accounting applications. We are certified in QuickBooks Online, Xero, ZohoBooks as well as offer other tools for mobile payments, invoicing, document management, quoting and order processing.

Delivered Any Way You Want. Our clients have different needs. Some want to be 100% cloud based. Others rely strictly on mobile. More than a few need to be on-premise. We recommend the best solutions that make the most sense.

And Supervised By Me…Gene Marks. My daily and weekly columns on customer relationship and business management in The Washington Post, Forbes, Inc. and The Huffington Post are read by hundreds of thousands of business owners and senior executives. I also speak frequently to business groups across the country about trends to help them improve their profits. This is my ten-person company.  And I am responsible for our relationship.

Although based near Philadelphia, PA we have over 600 clients throughout the country. We travel. We use online tools. We help the sales groups at large enterprises be more productive. We help business owners find new opportunities. We help all of our clients increase their revenues and improve their profitability.

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