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ZOHO CRM – get another user’s attention in a record note by tagging

Say you’ve been assigned a task and you have questions for the person that assigned you the task.  You can ask them in person if you work in the same office, you can email them the question, OR you can write the question as a Note on the task and tag the other User.  By using the tagging method, they’ll get an email with your question with a link to the task record, and there will be a record of the question and clarification right with the task!

Here’s how:

  • Navigate to the record you have a question on (can be a Task, Contact, Lead, etc…).
  • Scroll down to the Notes section in the related lists area and drop your cursor in the next blank note.  screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-2-46-15-pm
  • Type the “@” symbol and start typing the name of the person you want to tag.
  • Once you type the first letter, you’ll be presented with a list of any matching Users, Groups and/or Roles that match what you’ve typed so far and you can select one.
  • Finish typing your note and hit save


The person or group that was tagged will receive an email notification that they were mentioned in a note with a link to the record.  (note, they must be logged into zoho for the link to work properly).

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ZOHO CRM – New Template Features

Template organization just got a whole lot better!  Here are four convenient new features in the template screen to help manage your templates…

  1. Favoriting Templates – click the star icon next to a template to make it a favorite.  It will automatically be placed in the favorite folder – a great way to collect the templates you use most often so that you can quickly get to the ones you need.
  2. Re-ordering Template Folders – Click the folder icon at the bottom left of the template screen to re-order your template folders, moving more frequently accessed folders towards the top.
  3. Filter Templates by Module – use this to quickly find the template you’re looking for by seeing just the templates in one module.
  4. View Associated Items – see the list of other items (e.g., Alerts) that are associated with the template


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Zoho CRM – Use Lead Source & Deal Type to assess your marketing strategies

The Lead Source field appears standard in Lead, Account, Contact and Deal (formerly Potential) modules.  It is intended to represent your quiver of marketing strategies used to find leads.  If you use this field as its intended, in conjunction with the “Type” field in the Deal module,  you can get great feedback on how much new business is brought in by the varying marketing strategies, and make the necessary adjustments to put more time and energy into techniques that work and less on ones that don’t.

ALWAYS mark a new lead with a lead source, and make sure the Lead source field is mapped into at the very least the Deal module.

ALWAYS indicate whether a Deal Type is “New Business” or “Existing Business”.

If you do these two things – you can then pull a DEAL Summary report for all Closed Won deals within a specified timeframe, group by Lead Source, and Sum Amount.  This will show you the $ amounts won via each marketing strategy employed over the specified timeframe!

To take this one step further, you can throw Campaigns into the mix!  If your marketing is campaign driven, you can also mark each Lead/Deal with a Campaign Source – then you can pull a similar report, but instead of Lead Sources, use Campaign source instead.  This gives you ROI on all of your marketing campaigns!

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ZOHO CRM – Get your GAME on!

With the new 2016 CRM release comes GAMESCOPE! Gamescope will motivate your employees to work harder and have fun doing it! Anyone can set up a game with one or more users in the system. Each player earns points completing certain defined things in CRM – like converting a lead, closing a deal, completing a task.

To set up the actions and points rewarded, click on the GameScope icon in the top nav bar,


then click the gear wheel.screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-7-26-42-pm

To create a game, simply click the New Game Button. Try it out!

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ZOHO CRM – Add margins to a template

Zoho’s inventory templates look fine when viewing online, but if someone wanted to print them, they don’t have much of a margin around them.   Here’s a quick trick to add a margin to any template in Zoho:

Create the template first.  Then click the html button in the Template Editor’s Tool pallet:

You’ll be presented with all the html code that goes into making the template that you created.  Don’t be scared ;o)

Add this code at the start:

<div style=”margin:10px;”>

and this code at the very end:


You can adjust the number 10 to get the desired margin you want.  Smaller number will create thinner margin.

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ZOHO CRM 2016 – Where are all my Custom Buttons?

Custom buttons got a little bit of a make-over in the 2016 version, and this is the case whether you have switched to the new version or not…

BEFORE, each custom button would be a visible button in the area you selected (List view, View or Edit)

NOW, they are together in a drop down list with ONLY the name of the first button showing, and you can have more than 2!

Also, for buttons placed in the list view, in the new version you must now select at least one record before the buttons become visible: