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Each Zoho CRM user has the capability to customize their home page with components.  The home screen can be different for every user.  If you wanted it to be the same for every user and only configure it once, use the Customize Home Page feature… Read more

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Zoho CRM – Restrict Access to Specific Fields

When you assign a profile to a user it defines what permissions (read/write/delete) they have for each module and also access to administrative functions.  Did you know that you can also restrict access down to the field level?  Here’s how…

  • Tool Icon-> Setup-> Customizations-> Modules
  • Click on the Module Name whose fields you want to restrict
  • Click on the Fields Tab
  • Click on Set Permissions
  • Select Read/Write Access for each of the Profiles defined – click Save!

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Zoho CRM – Custom Links

Zoho CRM has a custom link feature – lets explore… for example, you can set up a google search link in the Lead module on company name.  Here’s how: Read more

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Zoho CRM – Data Sharing Rules, User to User

If you’ve ever looked at the Data Sharing Rule definition screen, you see that you can share data from one entity to another entity.  The entities available to select from are Group, Role and Roles and Subordinates.  So what if you really just want to share data from one specific USER to another USER?  The answer is to set up each of those individual users a group of 1, then share between the two groups. Read more

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Zoho CRM – Duplicate Detection on Import using Custom field

Using Zoho CRM “out of the box”, you have limited options to select from to identify duplicates on import.  For example, in the Contacts module, you can choose from Email address or Contact ID.  But did you know that you can create a custom field and with the right settings have it show up in the list?  Here’s how… Read more

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Zoho CRM – How to see everyone’s activity in Feeds

Notice how if you look at the Feeds module you basically see your own activity.  You can “follow” specific records, and you will then see any activity related to those followed records as well.  What if you just want to see ALL activity in feeds?  That’s where auto-follow rules come into play.

Read more

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Zoho CRM – Inserting Merge fields into Email Templates

Inserting merge fields into Email templates just got a whole lot easier with Zoho CRM’s new Template editor!

While creating a Template, simply type the “#” hashtag symbol.  This brings up field selection box where you can just start typing the field you’re looking for the the system dynamically shows you the fields that match.  For example, say you’re creating a Lead Email Template and you wanted to insert the “First Name” field.  simply type #fir and you’ll see this:

Then you just have to click on “First Name” to insert the First name merge tag.