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Zoho Books – Add Vehicle Mileage Expense

Heres how you can add vehicle mileage expenses when using Zoho Books:

Step 1 is to set up your Vehicle and mileage rates.

  • Go to Settings (Gear Wheel in upper right corner) and select Preferences
  • Select Expenses from the list (you may have to scroll down a bit)
  • Click Vehicle in the top navigation menu
  • Click the red + New Vehicle button on the right Read more
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Zoho BOOKS – set a bank as the default

When entering payments and purchases, you can establish one bank account as the “Primary” account which will then be the default bank account when entering payments and purchases – Here’s how:

  • Click on Banking, then click on the bank you want to set as default.
  • Click on the gear wheel then select Edit
  • Check the “Make this primary” box and click save.
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Zoho Books – Managing Retainer Payments

Zoho Books has a really easy to use built-in “Retainer Invoice” feature that allows you to easily bill and track money that is paid to you in advance, or on “Retainer”.  Here’s how:

Step 1 – create the Retainer Invoice:

  • Sales->Retainer Invoice, click the “+” sign.
  • Fill in the required information
  • Click Save

Step 2 – record payment against retainer Invoice

  • Open specific retainer invoice
  • click Record Payment
  • Enter Amount
  • Click Save

Step 3 – record your time and Expenses

  • Click Timesheet in left nav panel
  • (if not already) Create a Project and add tasks
  • Select Project and Click Log Time to enter your time spent against the defined tasks
  • click Save
  • Click the Expenses Tab to log expenses incurred for this project

Step 4 – Bill your Time and Expenses


  • Select specific Project
  • Click Timesheet
  • Check boxes next to desired time entries
  • Under “New Transaction” menu ->Create Invoice
  • Option to check box “include all unbilled expenses”
  • Click Add
  • Select Salesperson (if more than one in the system)
  • Click Save and Send –> Save and Send Later
  • Top Green Banner – “Click Here”

Apply retainer to invoice.

that’s it!

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ZOHO BOOKS – How to record shareholders distributions

It’s that time of year… and if you’re new to Books you might be wondering how you record your year-end distributions or pay-outs to your owners/shareholders.

Here’s how:

  • Click on Banking in the left side navigation panel
  • Click on the bank account from which you will be withdrawing the money
  • Under the Red Add Transaction drop down list, select Owner Drawings
  • Enter the required information on the form that pops up on the right
  • Click Save