Corey Babka No Comments – Validation Rules

Keeping Salesforce data accurate is one of the most important goals you will have.  If information is entered incorrectly, it will affect how it is pulled out in reports, dashboards, workflows, etc.  Even one letter missing or misspelled can make a filter show false instead of true.  For example if an Account is added with a Type of ‘Client’, it will not be included in a report showing all Accounts with the type of ‘Client’.

Validation rules help keep information consistent with your processes.  They check the value entered and if it does not meet the validation, it cannot be saved.  Read more

Corey Babka No Comments – Adding a Related List

Related lists can be added to any Salesforce page they are related or linked to.  For example, Accounts have related lists for Contacts, Open Activities , Activity History, etc..  Related lists are managed separately and then added to the Page Layout.  They provide quick access to information for the related object as well as the ability to add/edit/delete records.  Read more

Corey Babka No Comments – Lead Settings

Couple of recent changes, if you’re a big lead person is that you can now turn OFF the opportunity area when converting a lead.  There are two settings actually that may be of use for you. Read more

Corey Babka No Comments – Drag and Drop Files in Records

Little advantage of Lightning Edition is that you can now drag and drop certain files directly to the record.  Now, there’s a trick to this as the “files” related list isn’t always available, but once added a simple drag of a file puts it on that record for future use. Read more

Corey Babka No Comments

Emails – Quick Drag and Drop

A nice feature that’s been added to Lightning Edition for Summer ’18 is the ability to quickly drag and drop attachments to emails in Salesforce.  It’s a quick tip but a really nice one and not something that is clearly evident unless you’ve done your research into all the release notes or done it by accident to be honest. Read more

Corey Babka No Comments – Changing Themes in SF

So to add a little flare to’s lightning edition, they’ve added in Themes which can alter the look and feel of your company’s user experience.  In this post, we’ll just explore it a bit and what they look like (the out of the box themes).  Next tip I’ll actually go into the customization and creation of your own theme…. Read more