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Dynamics 365: Set Your Home Page in the New UUI

Dynamics has a new look and feel in the new unified user interface Microsoft delivered last year.  Over the next few releases, we’ll see a ton of new features and added functionality to the “hubs” (Sales Hub, Service Hub, Customer Service Hub, etc).  I’ll be covering those features as we learn more, but until then, here’s a quick tip to set your default/landing page and tab in the new UUI. Read more

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Dynamics 365: Microsoft Adds Teams Integration

Dynamics recently added proper integration with Microsoft Teams and have released a series of articles to assist with the installation and use of Dynamics within Teams.  I’ve found these instructions to be particularly well-written and have copied them below.  Before you start working with Dynamics in Teams, you must enable the integration from Dynamics’ system settings.  This allows you to access Teams documents from Dynamics and adds a “Collaborate” button which opens records in Teams.

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Dynamics 365: Start Using the New(ish) Unified User Interface

When Microsoft released Dynamics version 9, they also released new unified interfaces for each application–for example, Sales has the “Sales Hub”, Customer Service has the “Customer Service Hub”, etc. It’s been easy to continue using the “classic” interface, but if you want to check out the new UI, keep reading! Read more

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Dynamics 365: Bulk Edit Records

Bulk editing a group of records is easy to do and can save quite a bit of time–as long as the edit you need to make is allowable in the Bulk Editing menu! You do not need to have the field you want to edit displayed in a given view, but any records you wish to edit must be displayed in the current view.  If your view has 300 records in it, you’ll have to perform the bulk edit once per page.  Keep reading to learn how to bulk edit records! Read more