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GoldMine : Changing Alarm Behavior

Gotta love those GoldMine alarms, right? But for those of us who don’t necessarily need the alarm pop-ups, they can be annoying.

You can change the behavior of alarms in your Options:

  1. Go to Tools | Options.
  2. Go to the Alarms Tab.

Here, you can change all Alarms options. Honestly, I keep my pop-ups turned on, but I have my snooze timer set to 30 minutes, instead of the default 3 minutes.

Pro Tip: Click on More Options to set which activity types automatically get alarmed when scheduling. Try it!

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GoldMine : Quick Search

This is one of the best kept secrets in GoldMine. Did you know you can easily start searching on a field by simply double-clicking the field label? Not the actual field value, the field name. For example, double-clicking on the Contact field label will throw you into the search center, ready to search for a Contact. Same thing for every other field on the GoldMine contact record. Really, any field. I find this much more useful than trying to find the appropriate field in the Search Center drop down.

Try it, and have fun!

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GoldMine : Using Recently Used Contacts

One of the best things about GoldMine is the list of Recently Viewed Contacts on the left hand side of the interface. But out of the box, it only lists a handful of contacts. You can increase this number up to 99 in your Options:

  1. Go to Tools | Options.
  2. Go to the System Tab.
  3. Increase the number of Recent Items Shown (up to 99).
  4. Ok your way out.

I find this very useful at the end of the week to see easily who I’ve been speaking with. Try it and have fun!

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GoldMine : Automatically Scheduling Followups

This is one of the most useful features in GoldMine, and so easy to use.  In the Complete a… window (that is, anytime you’re completing history) there is a checkbox at the bottom which is labeled “Schedule a Followup”. Simply check this box to automatically open the scheduling window when the history is complete. That’s it! Just that easy. Try it, and have fun!

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GoldMine : Adding Comments to the Contact Record

On the Summary Tab, there is a super-useful field called Comments. This just a text field meant to hold general comments about the contact. However, storing anything important in this field is problematic because it’s on the Summary tab, and not the main contact record.

To add this field to the contact record:

  1. Right-click anywhere on the Primary Contact Record and select “New Field”.
  2. Select “Comments” from the drop down list.
  3. Place the field anywhere you want it to appear.
  4. Click away from the field, then click “Ok” on the following window.

Ta-da! Try it, and have fun!

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GoldMine : Viewing the Process Monitor

The GoldMine Process Monitor is the window that shows you any active processes currently running. This would include E-mail auto-retrieval, global replaces, etc. However, the default position of this window is a “pop-up” state. Meaning that it displays as a little tab in the bottom left of GoldMine and only shows itself if you hover over it.

To get the Process Monitor as an actual GoldMine tab:

  1. Expand the Process Monitor by hovering over it.
  2. Right click on the top edge of the Process Monitor.
  3. Select “Show as MDI Window”.

Ta-da! A lot of folks have view and/or latency issues with the default pop-up style of this window. This will circumvent virtually all of them.

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GoldMine : Deleting Blank Records

I see a lot of these kinds of things cleaned up around the beginning of summertime; blank records, records without history, etc.

We’re going to use our all-powerful search center to look for records with blank contact and company fields.

  1. Open up your Search Center and plug in the following values. You’ll notice that it’s returned two records, both of which are completely blank.
  2. Check the boxes to indicate both records as Tagged.
  3. Use Tools | Data Management | Delete Records to get rid of them! It’s just that easy.
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GoldMine : Merging Two Duplicate Records

This will show you how to use GoldMine’s merge functionality to merge two records together. It’s essentially the same effect you get from running the Merge/Purge wizard, but only against two records.

  1. Isolate the records in the Search Center.
  2. Check the two records to indicate them as Tagged. You NEED to check the “surviving” record FIRST.
  3. Go to Tools | Data Management | Merge/Purge Records | Merge Tagged Records.
  4. Just hit “Yes” and you’re good to go!

Remember, there is NO UNDO for this, so use with care. If possible, ensure there is a database backup available.


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GoldMine : Preventing Duplicates

We’re going to talk eventually about merging two duplicate records, but let us first speak of how to circumvent the issue in the first place.

These are, in order, the most important steps you can take to prevent manually entered duplicate records:

  1. Search the database. I am continually surprised at how little this first step is ignored. Remember, you can use the percent sign (“%”) as a wildcard in your searches.
  2. Make sure, in the New Record window, that your Duplicate Checking options are enabled.
  3. Ensure that duplicate e-mails are disabled in Tools | Configure | System Settings | Advanced.

Remember, the best duplicates are no duplicates!

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GoldMine : Max Records to Show

Did you know that you can control how many items are shown in any given list view? This is easy.

1. Right-click within the list you want to control (in our case, the History Tab).

2. Select Options | Maximum Number of Records Shown.

3. Input the new number of records you want to see.

4. Ok your way out.

Decreasing this number can help boost GoldMine performance, but use with care!