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GoldMine: Create GoldMine History Records in Mass

There are times when you send a mass mailing or other activity outside of GoldMine but would still like to have a history record attached to the records that participated.  Some examples are if you sent holiday card or gifts, presentations, or any action done in mass that needs a history record. Read more

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GoldMine : Turning Rich Text Off

Sometimes Rich Text can interfere with reporting or some older systems. To turn OFF all Rich Text in GoldMine:

1. Select Tools | Configure | System Settings | Display.
2. Select “Plain Text” at the bottom.
3. Ok your way out.

This will turn off Rich Text for all users, so be careful! But for those who experience problems with it, this can be a real life saver.

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GoldMine : Using the Notes Tab Properly

The perennial love/hate part of GoldMine: The Notes Tab. So let’s get the easy part out of the way.

To add a note, simply go to Notes tab. Click “Add Note”. Type in your Note. How can you say no to that? What easier way to record an Appointment or Call than this?


Notes ARE the place to store:
1. Driving directions.
2. Shipping instructions.
3. Login information for a website.

They are NOT the place for History. This is because
1. Notes are not easily Searchable.
2. Notes are not easily Reportable.
3. If you keep notes for years, it can make your entire GoldMine system slow. We’re dealing with a client now who is experiencing this very same issue. Ten years of recording phone calls in Notes, and GoldMine takes FOREVER to start. I mean, like minutes.

So be safe and use Notes responsibly!

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GoldMine : Modifying your Toolbar

This is something that I rarely see done, but it’s an awesome time saver: changing the default buttons on your toolbar. You can actually add any item from the GoldMine menu onto your toolbar. It’s easy!

1. Find and click on the “little down arrow” that is on the far right edge of your toolbar.
2. Select Add or Remove Buttons | Customize | Commands.
3. From the “Customize” window, the idea is to click-drag the desired menuitem from the list up onto the toolbar. You’ll see that you can place the menuitem anywhere on the bar.
4. To delete an item, simply click-drag it off of the toolbar. It’s just that easy.

You’ll be surprised at how much more effective this can make you in GoldMine. You should really give this a try!

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GoldMine : Increasing the Number of SQL Query Records

You may realize that the number of SQL records returned in the query tool is limited to a few thousand rows. This can be changed, however!

1. Select Tools | Configure | System Settings from the top level menu.

2. Go to the Display Tab.

3. Change the number of maximum sql query records to whatever amount you want. But use care: larger numbers will increase your GoldMine startup time.

Try it, and have fun!

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GoldMine : Increasing Font Size

Did you know that you can increase the font size in GoldMine? It’s easy!

1. Go to Tools | Options from the top level menu.

2. Go to the Record Tab.

3. Check the box labeled “Use Large Font”. Ok your way out.

GoldMine will force you to restart itself. To increase the font size any further, you will need to change the font in windows, sorry!

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GoldMine : Contacts Without History

I don’t usually like to get into SQL queries too much here, but this one is very useful. It will show you how to list (query) all contacts without history.

First, open the SQL Query window in GoldMine by selecting Tools | SQL Query from the top level menu. Then, copy and paste the following queries (one at a time) into the top window and then hit Query. The results will appear in the bottom pane and can be exported to Excel by right-clicking and selecting Output To | Excel.

Contacts With No History


Contacts with No History Since a Date (in this case, 1/1/2016, but feel free to change the date)


Try these out, and have fun!