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GoldMine : Uploading email lists to Constant Contact using GoldMine 2019

GoldMine Groups are now tightly integrated with CC. Whether you select the Group from the Campaigns Center (shown here)…

..or create the Group from GoldMine (shown here)…

…you have the ability to “associate” it with a CC Email List Name. What this really means is that you automatically get that GoldMine Group imported into CC as an Email List. I was actually amazed at how well this works. Try it! (You can get a CC account for the first 30 days free)

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GoldMine : Configuring Constant Contact in GoldMine 2019

The Constant Contact integration is now much, much better. To see what’s changed, first login to CC via GoldlMine:

Go to | Campaigns | Constant Contact Campaigns

Click on Configure, then Login and provide your CC login.

Then Click the Refresh button in the Campaigns center to download your Campaign list.

Detail about any given campaign can be seen by double-clicking on a Campaign name.

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GoldMine : Lock down your SQL queries with GoldMine 2019

Those GoldMine geeks amongst us have known about this security hole for years: the SQL Query tool in GoldMine. Thankfully, it only works with SELECT statements. That being said, there was nothing stopping a disgruntled salesman from “SELECTing * from CONTACT1” and walking away with your client list.

Until now. You can disable SQL Querying at the database alias level.

Go to Tools | Databases | Alias Manager | Edit Alias

Uncheck “Enable SQL Queries” and Ok your way out.

All users will need to restart their GoldMine to get the change.

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GoldMine Summary Tab

Don’t forget this handy tab.  The information contained here is automatically populated by the GoldMine Calendar.  This is a great place to see a quick overview of what has been done with a contact and when.  These fields can be used in dashboard, reports, and other tabs. Read more

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GoldMine Detail Records

The premise behind the Details tab is to have a place to store information pertaining to a common theme that may require multiple entries (e.g., Email Addresses and Web Sites). Read more

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Setting Security on GoldMine Fields

From the Security tab in any GoldMine Field Properties, you can control required fields, set read and update rights, and create an Audit records when a the field was changed to include the previous and new values. Read more

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GoldMine Expression Fields

GoldMine Expression fields are used to display text only.  The information displayed can be free form text or a dbase formula.  Users cannot enter or change any data in these fields and you are limited to 15 characters like field labels are. Read more

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GoldMine – Finding Detail (Profile) Types with Counts

Keeping your data clean is an important task.  One way to keep Detail or Profile records clean is to check on what Types have been created and how many records for each.  The default Detail(Profile) types are E-mail Address and Web Site.  Others are defined by you when you configure a new Detail record. Read more