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Setting Security on GoldMine Fields

From the Security tab in any GoldMine Field Properties, you can control required fields, set read and update rights, and create an Audit records when a the field was changed to include the previous and new values. Read more

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GoldMine Expression Fields

GoldMine Expression fields are used to display text only.  The information displayed can be free form text or a dbase formula.  Users cannot enter or change any data in these fields and you are limited to 15 characters like field labels are. Read more

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Salesforce – Edit Tabs in the Lightning Activities Sidebar

When using Lighting the Activities Sidebar can be customized to fit your needs.  Tabs (e.g., New Task, New Event, Log a Call, and Email) can be added, removed and reordered.  For Actions that will not be used, such as Email from Salesforce, the tab can be removed to eliminate confusion. Read more

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GoldMine – Finding Detail (Profile) Types with Counts

Keeping your data clean is an important task.  One way to keep Detail or Profile records clean is to check on what Types have been created and how many records for each.  The default Detail(Profile) types are E-mail Address and Web Site.  Others are defined by you when you configure a new Detail record. Read more

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Salesforce – Single and Mass Mail Merge in Salesforce

You can merge a document template for a single object (e.g., Account, Contact, Lead, etc.) or you can perform a mass mail merge using records from a view.  Accounts, contacts, leads, cases, opportunities, and custom objects are supported. If the custom object has a master-detail relationship with opportunities, the primary contact for the opportunity is selected by default. Read more