Corey Babka No Comments – Process Builder Functions (ISNEW, ISCHANGED)

When creating processes in Process Builder, you can use the ISNEW() and ISCHANGE() functions to be specific on when you want the process to run.  This helps eliminate the process triggering multiple times because you are more specific in the criteria.  For example, you may want to update the Salesman field based on the Billing State of the Account record ONLY when the Account record is created.  Or you may want to update Read more

Corey Babka No Comments – Exporting a Full Backup

Before implementing any large project or data changes, it is a best practice to take a backup of your entire database.  Some data updates may not go to the Recycle Bin and this allows you to restore if things go awry.  You can also schedule full backups to occur on a regular basis.  Read more

Corey Babka No Comments – Creating a Sandbox for Backup

Although you may have not used a Sandbox to develop processes and flows, it is still a best practice to have a current backup of all your hard work.  You may have a Data Export scheduled but that only covers the data stored in the database objects.  Your processes, flows, visual force code is stored elsewhere.  The easiest way to keep a current backup of these items is to create a Sandbox and schedule Refreshes to occur to keep it current.  Read more

Suzanne Kirkland No Comments

ZOHO CRM – Linking Emails to Specific Deals

Repeat customers will have multiple Deal records in Zoho.  Zoho now has a feature where it links emails to/fm Contacts to its best guess at the related deal.  If there is more than one Deal open, it will link the email to the deal with the latest modified date.  So what if Zoho guessed wrong?  You can manually unlink an email from one Deal and connect it to another – here’s how…

Read more

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Zoho CRM + Zoho Meeting – easy online meeting solution!

Did you know Zoho has a “virtual meeting” application similar to or GoToMeeting?  Its called Zoho.Meeting.  Once integrated with your Zoho CRM account, you can easily make any Event a virtual meeting with the click of your mouse.  here’s how…

STEP 1:  Set up integration with Zoho Meeting

  • Setup->Marketplace->Zoho
  • Click Install under the Zoho Meeting tile
  • Click Continue

STEP 2: Create an Event record and Make it an online meeting

  • While creating/Editing an Event Record, click the Make this an online meeting checkbox
  • NOTE – You have to add a Participant before you save the event.

The participants will be able to join the meeting by clicking on the URL in the email.

For conducting the meeting, you can choose either of the audio preferencing methods: built-in method or add your own conference call service.

There is a monthy fee for the app, but as with all Zoho apps, there is a free trial period during which you can check it out!