ZOHO CRM – trick for triggering workflow on imported records

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If you’re an avid workflow user and record importer, then you know the hardship of not being able to trigger workflow on imported records, even if they meet the criteria of a workflow rule.  Here’s a little work-around that you can use to run workflow on imported records…

  • Step 1 – create a simple checkbox field, “import”
  • Step 2 – include a criteria item in your workflow rule that “import is selected”
  • Step 2 – import your records – WITHOUT the new import field checked
  • Step 3 – Create a “view” or “filter” that will give you the list of records you just imported (you can use a tag, or use created date)
  • Step 4 – Select all the records in this view/filter by checking the box at the top – be sure to click “select all records in this view” link at the top if there are more than 100
  • Step 5 – Click Mass update and select the new import field from the drop down and check it, click save.

Your workflow will now be triggered!


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