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Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Adding A Group Calendar

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Is it possible to add a group calendar to Dynamics 365?  As of 2020, there is no out-of-the-box solution or workaround to add a group calendar to Dynamics, though third-party plugins/solutions can make this possible.  So, instead of going through these options (a quick Google will give you a list of these solutions), I’m going to show you how to A. create a view in Dynamics that displays as a calendar, and B. add that view to Microsoft Teams. 

  1. Create a view in Dynamics that displays as a calendar:
    I wrote a blog post on this topic a few months back–follow those instructions to create a view that displays as a calendar!
  2. Add that view to Microsoft Teams:
    1. Select the Apps tile in the lower-left corner. Search for Dynamics 365 and toggle both the Add for you and Add to a team options.
    2. Select the channel you want to add Dynamics integration for
    3. Select your Dynamics environment and application (this is typically called “Sales Hub”, but can vary–use the same application you choose when you log in to Dynamics)
    4. Select View selection. Choose the entity and view you just created.
    5. You should be able to see your view in the Teams channel you selected.
      See this support page from Microsoft for screenshots, specifically the “Install the Dynamics 365 app and set up the Microsoft Teams collaboration channel tab” section
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