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The perennial love/hate part of GoldMine: The Notes Tab. So let’s get the easy part out of the way.

To add a note, simply go to Notes tab. Click “Add Note”. Type in your Note. How can you say no to that? What easier way to record an Appointment or Call than this?


Notes ARE the place to store:
1. Driving directions.
2. Shipping instructions.
3. Login information for a website.

They are NOT the place for History. This is because
1. Notes are not easily Searchable.
2. Notes are not easily Reportable.
3. If you keep notes for years, it can make your entire GoldMine system slow. We’re dealing with a client now who is experiencing this very same issue. Ten years of recording phone calls in Notes, and GoldMine takes FOREVER to start. I mean, like minutes.

So be safe and use Notes responsibly!

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