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Dynamics 365: Qualifying Multiple Leads – Bulk

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A Lead is Qualified and becomes an Opportunity when there’s a high prospect of the deal closing. The workflow in Microsoft Dynamics 365 defaults to creating an Account, Contact and Opportunity once a Lead is Qualified. Keep in mind that the system default settings automatically create the Account and Contact once the Lead is Qualified unless otherwise specified. Follow the following steps to qualify multiple leads simultaneously:

Open Dynamics 365 Sales, go to the wheel widget in the top right corner of the screen, click and scroll down to Advanced Settings

Once in Advanced Settings, the Business Management screen will appear but click on the dropdown arrow beside Settings

Go into Administration

System Settings, Sales and scroll down to Qualify lead experience to verify Account, Contact and Opportunity settings before starting

After verifying system default settings, go to Sales, Leads and using the arrow beside My Open Leads, select My Open Leads

Select all the New Leads that you’d like to Qualify in Bulk by selecting the checkbox in the upper left column. This will automatically select every item below and you can unselect the Leads you want to exclude.

Click on Qualify to qualify all if the Leads you’ve selected. You will see a Processing box appear on your screen.

Once the Qualifying process completes, the screen will appear empty and there will be no open Leads

Next, verify that your Leads have been qualified and that Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities and have been created. In this example, Sally Shoe will be used to verify that the process completed.

Verify the Contact

Verify the Opportunity

Verify the Active Account

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