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Dynamics 365: Create a Personal Chart

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Previously, I wrote a blog post on creating a “Top Opportunities” system chart, but you need to be an Administrator to follow those exact instructions.  Below, you’ll find quick instructions to create a personal chart. The chart editor has not changed much (yet), so you can follow the instructions linked above to create the example “Top Opportunities” chart–even if you’re not an administrator.

In the new UI, simply navigate to the entity you want the chart in, then select “Show Chart”:

Select the “…”, then click + New:

This will open the chart editor in a new tab.  Create your personal chart as desired (see the link in the first sentence of this post for an example), then select “Save and close” in the upper left corner:

Your chart will appear in the “My Charts” section of the Chart selection drop-down:

It can be edited by selecting the “…” button again.

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