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ZOHO CRM – Blueprints, more than one? You bet!

Did you know that you can run more than one Blueprint at one time??  You can even re-order Blueprints so that they execute in the desired order.  Here’s how:

First you need to create your blueprints  (Setup->Automation->Blueprints)   *if you’re looking for more information on CREATING Blueprints, please check-out our website – Blueprint module.

Once you have your blueprints created and activated, you can re-order them by first going to Setup->Automation->Blueprints:

  • Select the module
  • click re-order
  • click and drag the grab bars to move the blueprints around
  • click save
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ZOHO CRM – trick for triggering workflow on imported records

If you’re an avid workflow user and record importer, then you know the hardship of not being able to trigger workflow on imported records, even if they meet the criteria of a workflow rule.  Here’s a little work-around that you can use to run workflow on imported records…

  • Step 1 – create a simple checkbox field, “import”
  • Step 2 – include a criteria item in your workflow rule that “import is selected”
  • Step 2 – import your records – WITHOUT the new import field checked
  • Step 3 – Create a “view” or “filter” that will give you the list of records you just imported (you can use a tag, or use created date)
  • Step 4 – Select all the records in this view/filter by checking the box at the top – be sure to click “select all records in this view” link at the top if there are more than 100
  • Step 5 – Click Mass update and select the new import field from the drop down and check it, click save.

Your workflow will now be triggered!


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ZOHO CRM – share ONLY specific records

Zoho CRM has tools to manage data sharing across users.  The main ones are the Role Hierarchy and the Data Sharing Rules, but these are on a module basis – you either share all the records in a module or none.  There are also field permissions that you can set that will show/hide specific fields within a module.  What if you wanted to be able to selectively share records across roles?  That’s where the Record Share feature comes in!  Here’s how you use it: Read more

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ZOHO CRM – Make the Task Record Subject field a pick list!

If you find that most of your CRM Task records fall into the same small set of “Subjects” you might want to set the Subject field up as a Pick List.  You may be surprised to find out that it already is!  To activate the Subject field to become a pick list, all you have to do is select a default value.  You can also edit the choices to be whatever you want them to be.  Here’s how: Read more

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ZOHO CRM – Beware – Importing records now affects your pick lists!

It used to be that when you imported/migrated records into Zoho CRM, the underlying pick list values would not be changed.  That is, when importing a record having a value for a field that was not on the current option set, the field would be set to the value of the incoming data, but the option set would not be updated.    Recently this has changed, and now the option sets DO get updated.  So be sure to clean up your data prior to import or those pick lists could get really long!

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ZOHO CRM – new built-in record “activity” filtering

Zoho CRM recently added the ability to filter your records in a view based on whether they have been “touched” – meaning a user or the system (via workflow) has actively created/edited the record.  These filters are available in the filter section of the module (to the left after you click a module tab and are looking at a list of records).  If you don’t see this filter section, click on the little gray tab to open the filter “drawer”.

When setting the filter, you have the option to choose who and when:

Using this new feature you can quickly find those contacts that haven’t been touched in a while!

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ZOHO CRM – get extra protection with Encryption

Zoho CRM introduced the ability to encrypt specific fields for extra added protection.  To add encryption to a field:

  • Setup->Customization->Modules and Fields
  • Click on the module name, then the layout to open the form
  • hover over the field and click the “…” menu, then select Edit Properties
  • Click the Encrypt field checkbox:

Note that when you export your data, either through Zoho CRM’s export, backup or a report – the data will NOT be encrypted.

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Zoho CRM – Scoring Rules

Use Zoho CRM’s built-in scoring rules to auto-score and prioritize your leads!  You can define sets of rules related to values of fields in the leads module, email activity, survey activity (using Zoho Survey) and document Signing activity (if you’re using Zoho Sign)  Here’s how… Read more

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ZOHO CRM – Validation Rules

Another new feature in 2018 is the ability to set up validation rules for individual fields and customize the error message.  Lets take a number field for example, say you want to restrict the value of the field to less than 90 – here’s how to do it:

  • Setup->Customization->Modules and Fields
  • Click the module your number field is in
  • click the Validation Rules Tab
  • Click the Blue Create Validation Rule button
  • Select the field and choose the rule, in our case Demo Number is greater than 90, then click Next:


  • Lastly – enter your error message in our case “Please enter a value less than 90”:


Now when your users try to enter a value outside of the set range this happens: