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ZOHO CRM – Linking Emails to Specific Deals

Repeat customers will have multiple Deal records in Zoho.  Zoho now has a feature where it links emails to/fm Contacts to its best guess at the related deal.  If there is more than one Deal open, it will link the email to the deal with the latest modified date.  So what if Zoho guessed wrong?  You can manually unlink an email from one Deal and connect it to another – here’s how…

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Zoho CRM + Zoho Meeting – easy online meeting solution!

Did you know Zoho has a “virtual meeting” application similar to or GoToMeeting?  Its called Zoho.Meeting.  Once integrated with your Zoho CRM account, you can easily make any Event a virtual meeting with the click of your mouse.  here’s how…

STEP 1:  Set up integration with Zoho Meeting

  • Setup->Marketplace->Zoho
  • Click Install under the Zoho Meeting tile
  • Click Continue

STEP 2: Create an Event record and Make it an online meeting

  • While creating/Editing an Event Record, click the Make this an online meeting checkbox
  • NOTE – You have to add a Participant before you save the event.

The participants will be able to join the meeting by clicking on the URL in the email.

For conducting the meeting, you can choose either of the audio preferencing methods: built-in method or add your own conference call service.

There is a monthy fee for the app, but as with all Zoho apps, there is a free trial period during which you can check it out!

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Zoho CRM and the Lead Source field

Going back to CRM basics this month… The Lead Source field is a standard in the Lead, Account, Contact and Deal modules.  It is intended to represent your quiver of marketing strategies used to find leads.  If you use this field as its intended, in conjunction with the “Type” field in the Deal module,  you can get great feedback on how much new business is brought in by the varying marketing strategies, and make the necessary adjustments to put more time and energy into techniques that work and less on ones that don’t.

ALWAYS mark a new lead with a lead source, and make sure the Lead source field is mapped into at the very least the Deal module.

ALWAYS indicate whether a Deal Type is “New Business” or “Existing Business”.

If you do these two things – you can then pull a DEAL Summary report for all Closed Won deals within a specified timeframe, group by Lead Source, and Sum Amount.  This will show you the $ amounts won via each marketing strategy employed over the specified timeframe!

To take this one step further, you can throw Campaigns into the mix!  If your marketing is campaign driven, you can also mark each Lead/Deal with a Campaign Source – then you can pull a similar report, but instead of Lead Sources, use Campaign source instead.  This gives you ROI on all of your marketing campaigns!

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ZOHO CRM – using Connections to invoke the API

When writing Custom functions in Zoho CRM, there are times that, when we add or update a record in the custom function, we need to trigger existing workflow.  The only way to do this is to use the Zoho API within the custom function when adding/updating the record and set the trigger to workflow.  With the new API 2.0, this can be a tad more cumbersome to first set up the “Client” get the refresh token and then copy and paste all the long strings into every custom function where you use the API.  Enter Connections!  It is soooo easy to set up a “Connection” for the CRM API, and then refer to that connection when invoking the URL – here’s how… Read more

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Zoho CRM Mobile – changing the radius on the contacts near me view

It’s now easier than ever to change the radius on the “Contacts Near Me” feature in the Zoho CRM mobile app.  Just click the distance icon towards the upper right corner to open the slide bar.  Move the slide bar to the desired radius and set the distance unit to either miles of kilometers, then click the up arrow towards the bottom right corner to save your changes.  Where is the Contacts near me view you ask?  Click Contacts, then click the map icon in the upper right area.


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Zoho CRM Mobile – Phone numbers with extensions

Sometimes in our CRM, we add another field where we can enter a phone extension for our contacts and Leads.  Did you know that if you enter the phone number with its extension in the phone field, zoho crm will dial the extension too?  The trick is to separate the phone number and extension by a “,” – so it should look like 800-555-1212,112.  Phone systems interpret the “,” as a pause.  You may need to enter two commas for it to work correctly.  Try it!!

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ZOHO CRM – appointment booking integration with Calendly

With the Zoho CRM – calendly integration you can email a link, or embed one on your website, that your customers can click and schedule an appointment with you based on your current availability!  The Scheduled appointment will be added as an Event record in Zoho CRM.  It can also be added to your outlook or Google calendar.  You must also have a Calendly account, but there is a free trial and even a free version. Read more

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ZOHO CRM + SURVEY- better together!

As you know, Zoho has a whole suite of products that help you run your businesses.  Have you dabbled with Zoho Survey yet?  Did you know that is super easy to integrate CRM and Survey to send and Track Surveys?  Here’s how…

  • Step 1 – if you don’t have one already,  set up your Zoho Survey Account (
  • Step 2 – Visit the CRM Marketplace, click Zoho, click Enable button in the Zoho Survey Box (Setup now)
  • Step 3 – Create your Survey in Zoho Survey
  • Step 4: *Option* – create companion fields in your CRM to “catch” your customer’s survey answers
  • Step 5: In Zoho Survey, with your Survey open, click the Integration Tab and map your survey questions to your CRM fields.
  • Step 6: Publish your Survey


  • Step 7: Create an Email Template and include a link to your survey
    • Click the survey button in the template editor (shown above)
    • select the survey from the drop down list (if its not there -be sure you published it!)
    • Option to add display text, then click Insert.
    • Save the template, then send emails using the mass email tool!