The Marks Group keeps up with the best online marketing software and tools and top sales software for small business.

We recommend and implement add-on applications that further help our clients drive revenues. This includes social media touch-points, email marketing services, quoting applications, alerting software and other tools and technologies that we feel are the best in breed, integrate seamlessly and work well.

Crystal Reports by SAP, Inc.

Our certified Crystal experts help all of our clients install, manage, run and customize their own reports. Crystal, after all these years, is still the most recognizable name in business intelligence software for the small/medium business market. It’s easy to use and extremely powerful for just about any ODBC compliant database. Crystal is included with many applications but generally costs about $300 (one time) per license to purchase.

GoldMine Mobile by FronRange Solutions, Inc.

FrontRange’s mobile product for GoldMine. Compatible on both the iPhone, Droid and most tablets. With GoldMine Mobile you get full access to the functionality of GoldMine with no data stored on the device. GoldMine Mobile is $295 per user (one time) plus maintenance and can be implemented on any server running Internet Information Services.

wMobile by W-Systems Corporation

wMobile is made by our friends at W-Systems, a GoldMine partner in North Jersey. Also browser based and usable on just about any device, wMobile has a long history of excellent and fast performance with a strong user base. wMobile is priced similiar to GoldMine Mobile — $295 per user (one time), plus maintenance.

GoldBook by W-Systems Corporation

For anyone looking to integrate GoldMine with QuickBooks, this is the best product available. As certified QuickBooks partners, we have implemented GoldBook at many of our QuickBooks clients. Once setup you can synchronize contacts and view accounting data right from within GoldMine. Call us for pricing.

KnowledgeSync by Vineyard Software, Inc.

Want an alert about anything? Then you’ll want KnowledgeSync. This is a powerful product which works with any ODBC compliant database. What it does is monitor the database for any updates/changes and then email alerts about the change (including the change) to any list of recipients you want. Overdue invoices. Past due orders. Quotes coming up next month. It’ll even automatically generate Crystal Reports and send them via email too. We can help you configure KnowledgeSync to do it all. KnowledgeSync starts at about $2,000 and usually takes us a morning to a full day to get it setup to your specifications.

MasterMine by MasterMine Software Corporation

A powerful Microsoft Excel based reporting tool for GoldMine. Runs around $1,000 for the first user. But it comes with many out of the box templates and pivot tables. Prices decline with more users. The Marks Group is with this product.

QuoteWerks by Quotewerks Corporation

An excellent stand alone quoting software application with its own tables for inventory, pricing and customers. Quotewerks integrates with most major CRM applications and provides more advanced quoting functionality than you’ll typically find in even the best ones. The standard version of Quotewerks is about $200 per user with price breaks as the number of users increases. The Marks Group has implemented many Quotewerks systems at our clients.

Constant Contact by Constant Contact

The premier name in e-mail marketing. The Marks Group is a close partner of Constant Contact and frequently does joint presentations on e-marketing and CRM best practices with the company’s sales teams. We also use Constant Contact for our own email marketing. The product can be integrated with the CRM apps we sell. Ask about our free Constant Contact Services.

CompanionLink by CompanionLink Corporation

CompanionLink specializes in synchronizing data from and to your desktop, database, phone or tablet. It’s products are designed to work with most major CRM systems available, including the ones that the Marks Group recommends. We have partnered with CompanionLink for many years and offer their products primarily to our GoldMine and ACT clients looking to synchronize data, rather than access via the web. CompanionLink also works well for Outlook and Google users. Pricing starts at $79 (one time) per user