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ZOHO CRM + SURVEY- better together!

As you know, Zoho has a whole suite of products that help you run your businesses.  Have you dabbled with Zoho Survey yet?  Did you know that is super easy to integrate CRM and Survey to send and Track Surveys?  Here’s how…

  • Step 1 – if you don’t have one already,  set up your Zoho Survey Account (
  • Step 2 – Visit the CRM Marketplace, click Zoho, click Enable button in the Zoho Survey Box (Setup now)
  • Step 3 – Create your Survey in Zoho Survey
  • Step 4: *Option* – create companion fields in your CRM to “catch” your customer’s survey answers
  • Step 5: In Zoho Survey, with your Survey open, click the Integration Tab and map your survey questions to your CRM fields.
  • Step 6: Publish your Survey


  • Step 7: Create an Email Template and include a link to your survey
    • Click the survey button in the template editor (shown above)
    • select the survey from the drop down list (if its not there -be sure you published it!)
    • Option to add display text, then click Insert.
    • Save the template, then send emails using the mass email tool!

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ZOHO CRM – trick for triggering workflow on imported records

If you’re an avid workflow user and record importer, then you know the hardship of not being able to trigger workflow on imported records, even if they meet the criteria of a workflow rule.  Here’s a little work-around that you can use to run workflow on imported records…

  • Step 1 – create a simple checkbox field, “import”
  • Step 2 – include a criteria item in your workflow rule that “import is selected”
  • Step 2 – import your records – WITHOUT the new import field checked
  • Step 3 – Create a “view” or “filter” that will give you the list of records you just imported (you can use a tag, or use created date)
  • Step 4 – Select all the records in this view/filter by checking the box at the top – be sure to click “select all records in this view” link at the top if there are more than 100
  • Step 5 – Click Mass update and select the new import field from the drop down and check it, click save.

Your workflow will now be triggered!


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ZOHO CRM – Beware – Importing records now affects your pick lists!

It used to be that when you imported/migrated records into Zoho CRM, the underlying pick list values would not be changed.  That is, when importing a record having a value for a field that was not on the current option set, the field would be set to the value of the incoming data, but the option set would not be updated.    Recently this has changed, and now the option sets DO get updated.  So be sure to clean up your data prior to import or those pick lists could get really long!

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Office 365: Replace with your Organization’s Domain

If you are still logging in to using a “” domain, it may be time to update this with your organization’s domain.   You may also see this recommendation pop up on the Office 365 Portal Admin Home page:

It’s easy–ESPECIALLY if your domain is with GoDaddy–and free!

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