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ZOHO CRM – Assignment Rules

Did you know that you can create rules to automatically assign records to your users based on criteria?  A great example of using this feature is setting up Lead Assignment Rules.  There are Three parts to defining an Assignment Rule.

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Zoho CRM – Scoring Rules

Did you know that Zoho CRM has a built-in way to quantify a “Score” for a Lead, Account, Contact and Deal?  This can be a very useful feature to prioritize which records need your attention sooner.  There are three ways to affect the score:

  • Record Content (define criteria based on field values)
  • Email responses or non-responses
  • Survey responses

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Office 365: Skype for Business to be Absorbed into Teams: Announcement, Roadmap, & FAQ

Do you use Skype for Business?

If you haven’t heard, It was announced in September that Microsoft will be eventually be phasing out Skype for Business, replacing the functionality with Microsoft Teams over time. Until this week, we haven’t known what Microsoft’s timeframe is to execute these changes. This week, however, Microsoft quietly released a roadmap for “Skype for Business Capabilities coming to Microsoft Teams“. The detailed roadmap PDF can be found here.

For more information, check out this FAQ from Microsoft.

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GoldMine : Modifying your Toolbar

This is one of the best kept secrets in GoldMine; how to modify your toolbar.

  1. Click the “little down arrow” button all the way to the right of your toolbar, select “Add or Remove buttons”.
  2. Go to Customize, then Commands.
  3. From the list, click-drag the desired item up and onto your toolbar. It’s just that easy!

I hardly ever see this done in the field, and it’s a shame. Simply having the Complete a call… item on the toolbar can be liberating!

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GoldMine : Hiding Unused Menu Items

Did you know that you can also hide and/or reveal single menuitems for users as well?

However, instead of going to Tools | Options, we need to go to Tools | Users’ Settings, which means we need master rights or equivalent.

  1. Select Tools | Options | User’s Settings.
  2. Select the user you wish to modify, click the “Properties” button.
  3. Go to the Menu tab.
  4. Using the tree-view, check or uncheck the top level menu items you wish to show or hide.
  5. Ok your way out.

The user in question will need to restart their GoldMine. Good luck and have fun!


Corey Babka No Comments – Setting up a Kanban page

So one of the nicest things about Lightning is the “Kanban” pages that are out there for leads and opportunities.  You can do this for other items as well, but you have to set it up (set up the grouping).  For instance, maybe for accounts I want to do “by product” so I can move around and sort my records.  We’ll do that with the accounts area here but you’re going to get a nice overview of what you can do in each object. Read more

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GoldMine : Setting Default Alarm Behavior

Ah, Alarms! The bane and joy of our existence. For those that don’t know, every scheduled item in GoldMine has the ability to be “alarmed”, which simply means that you get a pop-up window at the specified alarm time.

To change the behavior of Alarms, go to Tools | Options | Alarms.

Remember, anything under your options is changed only for YOU, so go crazy. If you screw anything up, you can always change it back!