Corey Babka No Comments – Drag and Drop Files in Records

Little advantage of Lightning Edition is that you can now drag and drop certain files directly to the record.  Now, there’s a trick to this as the “files” related list isn’t always available, but once added a simple drag of a file puts it on that record for future use. Read more

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Emails – Quick Drag and Drop

A nice feature that’s been added to Lightning Edition for Summer ’18 is the ability to quickly drag and drop attachments to emails in Salesforce.  It’s a quick tip but a really nice one and not something that is clearly evident unless you’ve done your research into all the release notes or done it by accident to be honest. Read more

Corey Babka No Comments – Changing Themes in SF

So to add a little flare to’s lightning edition, they’ve added in Themes which can alter the look and feel of your company’s user experience.  In this post, we’ll just explore it a bit and what they look like (the out of the box themes).  Next tip I’ll actually go into the customization and creation of your own theme…. Read more

Corey Babka No Comments – Creating custom themes

So, continuing on with themes, I wanted to go a bit into the custom theme if I could, working with custom colors, images, etc.  Lightly as I’m not really a graphic designer, but I’m sure there’s a lot you could do with corporate logos, color schemes, etc. to match your company’s look. Read more

Corey Babka No Comments – Tracking Your Lightning Change Over

So honestly, just discovered this the other day while moving around the app area of lightning.  How new is it?  Couldn’t tell you but I think there’s a very useful app called the “Lightning Usage App” which helps companies track how many people are using it, how many are not and it can even tell you what needs to be changed to effectively use lightning. Read more

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ZOHO CRM – share ONLY specific records

Zoho CRM has tools to manage data sharing across users.  The main ones are the Role Hierarchy and the Data Sharing Rules, but these are on a module basis – you either share all the records in a module or none.  There are also field permissions that you can set that will show/hide specific fields within a module.  What if you wanted to be able to selectively share records across roles?  That’s where the Record Share feature comes in!  Here’s how you use it: Read more

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ZOHO CRM – Make the Task Record Subject field a pick list!

If you find that most of your CRM Task records fall into the same small set of “Subjects” you might want to set the Subject field up as a Pick List.  You may be surprised to find out that it already is!  To activate the Subject field to become a pick list, all you have to do is select a default value.  You can also edit the choices to be whatever you want them to be.  Here’s how: Read more

Corey Babka No Comments – Fun with charts

Catch your eye with that title?  Well, we’ll try our best here and see what we can do with charts in lightning.  Reason I picked this one was solely because while I was creating a chart last month, I noticed that there’s a setup area now with charts that allows you to do a lot more with lightning charts.   Read more

Corey Babka No Comments – Using rich text component for URL’s

We’ve already used conditional rich text boxes, showing certain alerts depending on products.  However, when working with a client this week, they are using Rich Text to replace the old classic “links” box that was always there on the left.  Only issue here is that we have create the rich text component on every page if you want it to always show, but there’s also some flexibility in that (maybe you only want it on the home page and not the account pages like it always showed up before — good and bad I guess).

Read more

Corey Babka No Comments – Email blasts in Lightning Edition

Used to do these all the time in Classic, have even done a few tips on these.  However, in Lightning it’s very different in that they refer to it as a “list email” which you then have an option of an ad-hoc email or a template email.  I’ve yet to do a huge blast but from what I’ve done I gotta say it’s a bit easier than it used to be.

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