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We had a client that not too long ago lost a contact record due to a mistaken deletion. It also just happened that their backups had also failed, so that record is now gone forever. Because of this, we always urge folks to use a “Deletion Strategy”.

Some common suggestions we have are;

  1. Remove everyone’s ability to delete contact records under Tools | Users Settings | Properties | Access.
  2. Only allow deletions to be made by a few (or one) veteran users.
  3. Create a field on the Contact Record specifically to mark records for future deletion (ensuring that an actual human being looks at the list before records are purged)
  4. Create a new “archive” database. Instead of deleting records outright, simply Move them into the Archive and out of production.

I guess the moral of the story is that by default, GoldMine allows any user to delete any Contact Record. I urge you to consider what kind of issues this could cause.

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