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It’s easy to clean up any Shared Personal Views that you no longer need, without affecting that view for anyone else it may be shared with!

Identify Personal Views

To check your Personal Views, you can navigate to each Entity and simply view the View list. Look for anything under “My Views”, which includes Personal Views you create as well as Shared Personal Views from others :


You can also check for Personal Views from the Advanced Find window:


The “Look For” box allows you to change the Entity, while the Use Saved View drop-down allows you to view all Personal & Shared Views quickly:



After identifying some entities to clean up, open up the Advanced Find window and change the “Look for” drop-down to the appropriate entity. Next, select “Saved Views”:


Change the View to “Active Views Shared with Me” to identify all views shared with you for the chosen entity:


Finally, select any Shared Views you want to hide, then select “Deactivate”:

This will hide the Shared Personal View from your list, but allows you to easily add it back by navigating to the “Inactive Views Shared with Me”, then re-activating the deactivated view.



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