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After creating a report, go to the dashboard area and add a chart based on that report.

Here we’ll click on “dashboards” which always brings you to your primary dashboard.  You can use the dropdown on the left to find another one (in our case, my “primary dashboard”).

I’m going to add in our new report (a chart) for new leads in the last 90 days by product.  However, I need to edit and replace what’s already in there.

Click Edit on your dashboard to open it up in edit mode.  I now have the 3 columns.  Thing is, I don’t have to really remove anything, just have to shift things down as my home page only shows the top chart on each column (annoying I know, but what can you say….).

Drag and drop a type of component (in our case a bar chart) into the correct column.  Drag it to the blank blue section above the current chart.

Once in there, edit the title, then click on the data sources tab at the upper left to find the report needed for the chart.  You’ll have to expand the folders to find your source.

Drag it into the data source area.  Once the bar chart is created, you can edit the chart in multiple ways including ranges, showing values, by clicking the wrench icon.

Save the dashboard and it should show up on your home page now.